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Once again, Dive Spot in North Bali is interesting enough compared with other Famous Dive Spots in Bali. Taman Segara, located in the village Penuktukan, District Tejakula has very healthy coral and a various kind of marine life. This has become a underwater attraction for Taman Segara.

In the 1970′s, the coral reefs in this area were quite severe due to lack of knowledge of local people about how to preserve the underwater ecosystem. Ornamental fishing with hazardous chemicals and the usage of coral as a building material are the main causes.

But, some people who care about that condition was trying to make changes. Eventually, on October 8th  2012, Taman Segara was inaugurated by the Regent of Buleleng  as a dive site in North Bali. The inauguration was marked by events, performed by approximately 50 divers.

Penuktukan Dive Fiesta

Penuktukan Dive Fiesta

Angel Canyon is one of the dive spot located in Taman Segara, where the beautiful coral reefs become home for thousands of fishes and other marine life. Sea fan with a size of 1.5 – 2 meters, a variety of coral species, until species that are rarely found elsewhere, such as the tiny skeleton shrimp, can be found here.

Penuktukan, Bali, Indonesia

Penuktukan, Bali, Indonesia

Taman Segara has three special dive spots: Angel Canyon, Oasis and Coral Stair. To reach those dive sites, we can go by land for about 3 hours from Sanur. Porter, toilet, shower, and a large parking area are available here. To dive in Taman Segara, divers do not need to use the boats; through the rocky shore, divers can do the entry to enjoy the beauty of the waters Penuktukan.

Written by Natalia Lesmana – Edited by Diana Suciawati who joined the Penuktukan Dive Fiesta on October 8th 2012.


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